Now lets talk about Handheld Consoles!


This week I want to talk about a different type of mobile platform for games: handheld consoles! Please watch the video below. It is 11 minutes but it is really detailed on the successes and failures of these types of electronic devices!

The only handheld console I have had is the gameboy. I played Mario everyday for like 2 years and got tired of it lol.

Have you ever owned or played a handheld console? If so what game have you played?

Next week mobile and handheld console comparison! I will try my best to get information on the difference in production as well!



3 thoughts on “Now lets talk about Handheld Consoles!

  1. I actually liked the YouTube video. I never knew there were many types of hand consoles. The ones I knew of were the typical PSP and GameBoy.

    I played GameBoy when I was younger. The games I played on the game boy were Mario and Pokémon).

  2. I remember first hearing about the Gizmondo and the Nokia N-Gage back in 2005. They were the first phones with gaming as the main selling point, so cool but didnt sell too well.

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