Mobile Games!


A cool brief history of mobile games! *warning music is not censored*

Mobile games have come a long way in graphics and in user interactivity! I remember playing snake with the left and right arrow keys on my Texas Instrumental Calculator in the early 1990s! With Snake gaining so much popularity, several companies started to work on a technology that enabled mobile phones to transfer data via remote server. This led the way to fast action and multi-player based mobile games! Read more on how mobile games bloomed with the introduction of Apple’s iphone here:

Scroll down this article see pictures of how the graphics on our mobile have advanced.

Amazing huh?

Did you know…

Acording to the Entertainment Software Association’s 2013 Essential Facts about the Computer and Video Game Industry ( :

 36 %  of gamers play games on their smartphone

 25%   play on their wireless device.

The Pew Internet and American Life Project found that:

 46%  of U.S. teens play games on a cell phone or PDA

 71%  of teens ages 12-14 playing games on a portable       gaming device

Are you a mobile gamer? If so, what do you play on your phone? I play Sudoku, Phase 10, Spades and Candy Crush.




8 thoughts on “Mobile Games!

  1. I play Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds on my phone. I like the site with the evolution of gaming graphics. Even though modern graphics are much more appealing I still had a lot of fun playing Snake and Doom in the 90’s! The graphics were of different quality but I didn’t mind because the game was still fun and addicting!

  2. I bought my nephew a tactile game controller that connects to his iPhone via wireless for Christmas and I felt immediate jealousy when I saw him use it because its like he has a SEGA Genesis, Nintendo, and a world full of app games in his hands. Its just like my old days but on a mobile screen. So sick!

  3. I agree with you, AMAZING! The blue Nokia was my first phone, and I loved playing snake. There was a mobile version of Doom in 2005? Apparently I need educate myself more. Today, I play games I can download for free. One of those games is Sims Freeplay.

    Similar to your previous blog, do you think people will have a computer vs console vs mobile games war?

  4. Hardware, Mobile Platforms, and the origins of Digital Media

    I really thought the percentage of people who play games on their other mobile devices (like tablets) would be higher! I mean that’s 75% of the mobile app market. So that number is crazy low. Mobile app games like “the Tribez” are awesome because you can play them on your kindle fire over whisper net. You never loose connection. It’s amazing. You don’t need to be hooked up to wifi. I could go out in the middle of the wilderness, sit on a log, and play a video game.

  5. I really like the first video you shared about evolution of mobile gaming. It is really neat to see how fast it has grown and changes. Personally I am not a fan of those addicting games keeping people from being productive. But I love the knowledge games like QuizUp.

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