PC vs. Consoles


Hey guys, I wanted to show y’all the evolution of games for my next blog post I but I could not find an article or video that wasn’t lengthy and boring! BUT if you are curious to see how graphics have improved over the years watch this short video below…if not just skip to the next paragraph lol

This week I thought it would be cool to do PC vs Console Gaming! There is a never ending debate on which is better! There are LOADS of discussions on how pc gaming is better than consoles and vice versa. It definitely depends on you as a gamer and what  you get out of gaming. Is it pure entertainment? A way to connect with your friends? An escape from your real life? What controls fit you best?

Here is a short article on what to expect for pc gaming and console gaming.


Here is another article that I was a good read on this topic!


and another comparison with an actual game developer

The debate is endless! I myself, prefer the computer since I constantly played educational games on the pc from 4th to 8th grade! Don’t get me wrong tho, I absolutely LOVE My nintendo 64!

If you HAD to play a game on a pc or a console, which would you prefer?




4 thoughts on “PC vs. Consoles

  1. Is it weird that when I read this I was like “people still play video games on the computer?!” lol! I’m not a gamer, but I would imagine a console would be better since you get an actual control and that console was built especially for gaming! I don’t know though, just my 2 cents!

  2. I guess, being ‘old school’, when I play video games I play them on a PC. I am comfortable with keyboard functionality. I also ‘grew up’ with my boys playing on the PC. I am still unfamiliar with the console and do not feel comfortable. Since I have a low comfort level, the console offers me little entertainment! Great article!

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