The Last of the Production Phase: Game Design Document & Pre Visualization


The game design document is the the piecing together of all the game design components.

–  the storyline (scripting)

– storyboards

– overall blue print for exactly how the game will be played

– the look of each menu or screen in the game

– the controls for the character or characters

– the game’s goal

– the rules for how you win/lose in the game

– the maps of the different worlds or levels within the game (what is exactly in each world?)

– what can and cannot be interacted with

-what scripted events occurs

– what happens on screen when specific buttons or keys or directions on an input device is pressed

-how the NPC (non-player controlled) characters react to what the player-controlled character does in the game

Enough detail needs to be in design documents for the programmers and artists to be able to know what needs to be coded and created

This makes a quality game!

Once you have all the necessary details in your game design document, the next step is pre-visualization. I like to think of it as adding life to your storyboards. Pre visualizations can add music, sound effects and dialogue to closely imitate the look of fully produced and edited sequences. 3D tools that are used for the production phase can also be used for pre visualization such as Autodesk Maya, Motion Builder, Blender and Autodesk 3Ds Max.

Here is part 1 of a video series of the Making of Resident Evil 5 uses of pre-visualization

Next week: Production Phase

13 thoughts on “The Last of the Production Phase: Game Design Document & Pre Visualization

  1. One word, AMAZING! I actually thought game development was done all on computer. Never thought that they used actors for part of this process. But I wonder what would happen if they spotted a mistake at the pre-viz stage?

    • I will look that up and include the answer in the blog that will go over the production phase. Im pretty sure they can just make their edits in the production phase. The pre-viz seems to be just a guide for the final product.

  2. Amazing video! So basically actors have to act out every scene and character movement in the video game! Now that I think about it, that would make modeling so much easier because you would be able to see the body movement and facial expressions.. instead of just guessing!

  3. Hardware, Mobile Platforms, and the origins of Digital Media

    Great video. I personally love creating concept art for stories but I dislike storyboarding. It means making decisions, haha. What is your favorite part of the production process?

  4. I can imagine a story boarding session for a video game being more intense in some ways when compared to other forms of story boarding. It must be fun trying to incorporate all of the in-between sequences in which the consumer decides the story’s fate.

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