General Overview


Before I go into detail on the actual development of an electronic game, I thought it would be good to give you an overview of the game development process. 

There are 3 phases that exists in all productions:

Pre-production –  the preparation for the development of your product

Production- the development/creation of your product

Post-production- the final steps that make your product ready for use

The 3 production phases of game development involve:

Pre-visualization of the game: storyboards, 3D images (Pre-Production)

Computer Programming that creates the game environment, user interface, characters, etc.  (Production)

Distribution, Marketing, Final Design Edits (Post-Production)

Below is a link to a video that does a more in depth overview of the game development process.

Through out this journey I plan to research the tools needed to perform each phase of development. That way you will know what it takes to create mobile games, computer/console games, casino games and any other type of electronic games. In addition, I would like to explore the future of gaming as new technology is introduced.

If interested, here is a great video I found that does a brief history of video games. I thought it would be good to see how far technology has come in the gaming industry.

I couldn’t find part 2 (lol), but I think this does a good job on its own.

(Space Invaders will always be my favorite game! )

Next week’s agenda: I will start from the beginning and discuss the process of storyboarding/ 3D modeling and possible programs you can use. 

Thanks for reading and watching!



11 thoughts on “General Overview

    • Yes! It causes you to go outside the box. There is a lot of math involved in the coding process. Your communication skills develop since you have to work on a team. I believe every experience teaches you something!

      I hope I answered your question right, if not just ask me in class lol

  1. I don’t play many video games these days, but I really appreciate how it’s a marriage of high technical skill and pure creativity and vision to, in the end, provide an interactive, engaging experience for users.

  2. It would be interesting to learn how developers create games for mobile devices since those are blowing up now. We’ve come so far from space invaders and the graphics are crazy detailed now!

    • Yes!! Call of Duty has amazing graphics! Gaming has come so far especially with user interaction!

      I will make a note to go over the difference between developing a game for phones, computers, consoles, and even the casino! Lol

  3. Who knew.. Video games were first made in science labs! There sure is a lot of thought put into making these games can’t wait to read more details about the steps you mentioned. – Wardah

  4. Hardware, Mobile Platforms, and the origins of Digital Media

    I would really be interested to know what the next generation of interactive games is going to bring… What will we be able to do next?

  5. I’m really excited that you are doing research on video games and computer games. I don’t know much about tha area of Animation, I’ve only heard it’s very complicated!

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