About this Blog (quick note)


Hi guys! I changed my topic from Digital Animation to Gaming since I have more experience in that area. Plus, others are covering that topic already lol.

My blog will cover the game development and an insight on the future of games. Hopefully you will be provided with the appropriate tools and information to make a video game yourself!


6 thoughts on “About this Blog (quick note)

  1. I have found game design intriguing! I am always amazed in the creativity that it must take.

    In gaming I am the person that sees a game and thinks “Why, didn’t I think of that?”

    I guess the visualization step would be the part that would take the bulk of my energy!

    Have you developed a game?

    Thanks for the insight.

    Keep Clicking!


    • I have created two games! Centipede and some weird irish game lol.

      I ask myself that same question everytime I see games,videos, movies etc.!

      What is really challenging in game design or me is that you have to visualize the game WHILE writing the code for it as well.

      Im really excited that someone is just as intrigued by game development as I am!

      • I’m amazed that you created couple games. I think you should include something about that in this blog. It will be very interesting to read about.

        Also, I liked the video and the brief description. The description alone seems like game production is a long, delicate process. It’s amazing what they can create.

  2. I like how the video you posted broke down the essential teams that are needed to bring a game to life. It really is a task meant for many disciplines. I can only imagine how precise the coding aspect must need to be for the more advanced games we enjoy today.

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